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The Law Handbook

.One of the best starting points to find out about the law in Victoria is The Law Handbook Online, produced by Fitzroy Legal Service.

The Law Handbook Online is the most comprehensive, plain English guide to the law in Victoria with information on a wide range of legal topics from fines and family law to wills and tenancy.

Some of the features of The Law Handbook Online are:

  • a search function to locate the information you are looking for
  • thorough legislation and case indexes that are cross-referenced and linked to the content
  • contact details for relevant legal and non-legal services
  • helpful pop-up definitions of legal terms combined with an extensive glossary
  • pop-up boxes advising of the latest law changes and updates
  • useful cross-references included throughout the text enabling the reader to link immediately to other relevant parts of The Law Handbook Online.

The Law Handbook Online also has a range of links to other websites containing legal information resources.

You can purchase The Law Handbook or view it online for free at www.lawhandbook.org.au
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