A FAIR AND JUST VICTORIA: The Federation’s Justice Election Position Paper


Our plan for Victoria is that the next Victorian Government is proud to close prisons, rather than building more. The Federation of Community Legal Centres has an action plan to achieve this.

We know that half of the people who end up in prison come from only six per cent of postcodes. We are calling for a justice system that tackles disadvantage and allows all people, no matter who their parents are, where they grew up, or the colour of their skin, a chance to thrive. We need political parties to commit to tackling the causes of disadvantage and inequality, not to locking people up who are experiencing tough times.

The Federation of Community Legal Centres is advocating for all parties to adopt justice policies that address inequality and disadvantage in our community rather than criminalising people who are poor.

Read our justice election position paper focused on criminal justice system here.

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