Federal parliamentary migration report makes unfounded call to cancel young offenders’ visas

December 14, 2017 |

SJ4YP rejects outright a recommendation that would allow the deportation of children under 18 who commit crimes.

The federal Joint Migration Committee’s report “No One teaches you to become an Australian” was released last week.

While we support the Committee’s recommendations calling for a strengthening of settlement supports and services to newly arrived migrant young people, the Inquiry and the report were hijacked by the personal and political agenda of the Committee’s Chairperson, Jason Wood MP.

Despite minimal or no evidence, the report focuses on young humanitarian entrants from Sudanese backgrounds who engage in criminal activity and misses the opportunity to review settlement outcomes for the vast majority of new arrivals.

During the Inquiry Mr Wood repeatedly preempted issues and findings of the Committee, contributing to various media reports pushing his own political agenda and personal damaging views that targeted the South Sudanese community and exacerbated the racial stereotyping of migrant young people in general.

Contrary to the evidence presented by SJ4YP and many others during the Inquiry, the coalition members of the Committee recommended the mandatory cancellation of visas for offenders aged between 16 and 18 years who have been convicted of a serious violent offence. Tthankfully Labor & Green committee members dissented. 

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