Make Renting Fair

Nearly a year ago the State Government promised to make renting fair.

More than one in four Victorians rent their home, a number that is increasing as it becomes more difficult for many Victorians to break into the housing market. Victorian renters need and deserve better protection.

Premier Daniel Andrews promised to give every renter the right to own a pet.1 The Andrews Government promised to crack down on rental bidding, promised to make it easier and faster to get your bond back, and promised to hold landlords and agents to account for their actions.

These were great promises to make renting fair, but no action has been taken.

Since this announcement the Government has been silent about details and silent on exactly when we will see legislation in the Victorian Parliament. This isn't fair and it isn't good enough. Victorian renters cannot wait any longer.

Time is running out.

There are less than 20 parliamentary sitting days before the election and we now have to face the risk that nothing will change before the next state election. Premier Andrews must keep his promise. 

Email your MP to tell them that the government must act now to make renting fair.

1. Andrews Labor Government Will Make Renting Fair, 8 October 2017.

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