Staff - Melanie Poole

Melanie Poole, Director of Engagement

Melanie Poole is the Director of Strategy, Policy and Engagement at the Federation of Community Legal Centres. Before joining the Federation, Melanie was a Senior Advisor with the Australian Council of Trade Unions. She was previously CARE International’s Senior Advocacy Advisor at the United Nations in New York, a post she held after a decade in international development, including country office work in Kenya and Pakistan.

Melanie founded a strategic communications and advocacy consultancy in 2014 and has worked with international and Australian clients, including Amnesty International, the Community and Public Sector Union, Melbourne City Mission, The Front Project, the Human Rights Law Centre, GetUp!, Sum of Us, All Out and Just Leadership USA. During her time in New York, Melanie was active in civil liberties campaigns, and chaired the Stonewall Alliance, an LGBTI advocacy organisation with a focus on LGBTI youth experiencing homelessness.

Melanie holds a Masters in Public Administration from New York University which she completed as the 2013-2015 Anne Wexler–Fulbright scholar, Arts and Law degrees from the Australian National University, and postgraduate certificates in non-profit management and ethics from Fordham University, New York.

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