More public housing and stronger community housing

There is no place like home. When you have a home you can care for your family, find a job and be part of your community.

But a secure home is increasingly out of reach.

Buying a home is not an option for many Victorians and rental prices are skyrocketing. For a single mum on a minimum wage no homes in Melbourne are affordable to rent. Across the whole of Victoria, she will only be able to afford 3.8% of houses. Without support it’s easy to slip into homelessness.

Because of this there is more pressure on social housing than ever before.

Over 82,000 people are waiting for housing including 25,000 children. The list grows by around 1,500 people every three months. Not enough is being done to prevent homelessness.

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We need all political parties this election to commit to:

1. Support private renters

Fund 50 new community tenant lawyers – one community legal centre alone was able to prevent 154 evictions. Not enough community legal centres are funded to provide tenancy advice.

Expand community justice partnerships – integrated services where social workers work with lawyers to provide long term security and support to prevent homelessness for people who are escaping family violence.

Make exercising rights easier and more affordable – create internal appeals process in VCAT

2. Support, maintain and grow public housing

Build 3,000 new public and community housing homes each year with the majority being public housing homes.

Maximise public housing on the public housing renewal sites and publicly release development plans to allow residents to provide genuine input to ensure the sites meet the needs of our communities.

3. Strengthen the standards of community housing

Put in place stronger, consistent and transparent policies and accountability mechanisms to protect the rights of people who live in community housing.

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