Staff - Natalie Hallam

Natalie Hallam, Victorian Accreditation and Capacity Building Coordinator

Natalie Hallam joined the Federation in October 2017 and comes with extensive experience in supporting and advising community organisations in the development of robust continuous improvement systems, change management, innovation and risk mitigation strategies. Her auditing experience includes; ISO 9001, Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) Standards, EQuiP6, Child Safe Standards, National Safety and Quality Health Services (NSQHS) Standards and National Quality Standard (NQS).

Before progressing into Quality & Risk positions, Natalie held diverse roles which all similarly promoted a culture of continuous improvement within various complex standards and frameworks. Natalie was the Director of two Early Learning Centres followed by 13 years’ experience in the Child and Family Health Services. After an extensive clinical background as a Practitioner, Natalie progressed into roles within the same organisation. Her portfolio was communications and ICT, responsible for performance and projects, before completing a qualification in Auditing.

Continuing her employment in the specialist Early Parenting Centre which offered support services to vulnerable families and at-risk infants, Natalie was subsequently responsible for the management, oversight and education of quality improvement, clinical governance and risk management frameworks, external Accreditation cycles, QI evaluations/implementations, consumer feedback and complaints. Natalie was in a unique position of applying her clinical background and understanding of how staff worked with vulnerable families into the design and implementation of corporate services to best support the clinical programs. Natalie developed a team of people who were committed to embedding Quality, Safety and Clinical Governance into practice. The team assisted in monitoring compliance in the delivery of quality services and business continuity strategies, while promoting a culture of continuous improvement and innovation to ensure the delivery of high quality services and positive client journeys.

Natalie is currently serving on the Board of Directors of Backpacks 4 Vic Kids, an Australian charity providing backpacks and nappy bags of essential items, to children entering foster care and emergency accommodation.

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