No room for racism

Thank you for pledging not to support candidates from any political party who use racial scapegoating in the upcoming election. Can you do one more thing?

Call your local candidates – tell them there is no room for racism in politics. Get all politicians to commit to building a just Victoria for everyone. With the State Election on November 24 now is a critical time to get our message to politicians that enough is enough.

Can you take 5 minutes to call your local candidates?

To find your local candidates in 2 clicks

  1. Click on your electorate
  2. Click on candidates

Talking points:

  • Let them know you are calling to register your concerns about politicians using racism to gain votes and the impact this is having on our community.
    • Are you aware that community legal centres have reported a 50% increase in racist attacks of African-Australians and other people of colour this year?
    • Did you know that African-Australian men in Victoria are stopped for arbitrary searches 2.5 times more often than Caucasian men?
  • Ask them - what are you going to do for my community? If you are from culturally or linguistically diverse community make sure you let your local candidates know.
  • Get a commitment – will your local candidates commit to:

1. Cutting the incarceration rate of people of colour in half

2. End mandatory sentencing laws that disproportionately impact people who experience disadvantage and people of colour

3. Fund culturally appropriate legal services

4. Ensure police are respected and accountable

- create a fully independent police oversight body
- require police provide receipts for all stop and searches police undertake

5. Call out other politicians for racial scapegoating

Let us know who you called and how it went!

Thank you for supporting out call to make Victoria a just community - a place where everyone can participate, be heard, heal, belong and thrive.

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