Parole changes spark urgent public debate

August 23, 2013 |

With this week’s release of the Callinan Review of the parole system in Victoria, and State Coroner Ian Gray ordering the release of Professor Ogloff’s 2011 Review of parolee reoffending by way of murder and the Consolidated response to reviews of offenders charged with murder (both redacted), there has been vigorous public debate about the value of parole and its contribution to community safety.

Smart Justice believes that community safety should indeed be paramount, with parole playing a valuable part in the rehabilitation of offenders and improving community safety by placing conditions on release, including supervision.

Without parole, most offenders would ultimately be released at the end of their sentence  anyway, but would not be subject to measures to support their safer return to the community. A properly resourced and supported parole system works to reduce reoffending in cases where offenders are appropriately assessed as of low risk to the community.

The following offers a selection of recent media on parole, which will also feature on the SBS Insight program next Tuesday 27 August.

An earlier media wrap on parole is also available.

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