Pride March

On February 3, we at the Federation, together with communities connected to Community Legal Centres across Victoria, will join the Midsumma Pride March. Will you join us? Sign up here!

We’re looking forward to a fun, energising, joyful day – a time to be proud of who we are and celebrate how far we’ve come. We want you to join us.

It’s also a day to remember that the struggle for justice didn’t end with marriage equality. To show solidarity with LGBTIQ people, especially First Nations people and people of colour, who are still marginalised. And to remind ourselves that LGBTIQ liberation is bound up with the liberation of all marginalised people.

Through the work of our 50+ centres across Victoria, we know that the Andrews Government is locking up more people than ever in our history.[1] In the last ten years, prison numbers have increased by 70 per cent.

This isn’t because there’s more crime – in fact crime is at historical lows. [2]

It’s certainly not because we’re cracking down on CEOs of mega corporations who rort the tax system and steal billions.

It’s because we are locking people up for so-called “crimes” that are simply the result of poverty, discrimination and trauma.

As LGBTI people we carry with us the history of what it means to be criminalised for who we are, and for experiences that result directly from discrimination.

We know that what’s needed instead of prison is love, solidarity and healing.

That’s why our message at Pride will be that there is NO PRIDE IN PRISONS.

Will you join us? The first 30 people to sign up will get a free “No Pride in Prisons” tshirt! Sign up here.

Over the next five years, over ten thousand women and children will spend time behind bars in Victoria. One in four will be coming in from homelessness. Almost all will be family violence victims. There are ten year old children – almost all with trauma histories – in supermax prisons.

While the corporations running our heavily privatised prison system make billions in profit, lives are being devastated.

The Andrews Government can change this. They can reverse laws that are criminalising people just for being poor. They can offer support to people with addiction and trauma challenges, instead of just making it worse. They can stop police from unjustly targeting First Nations people and people of colour.

Premier Andrews has said that he wants to lead the “most progressive” government in Australia.

They need to act now – we need to show them we won’t wait.

Ours is a movement for liberation – for all LGBTI people, and for all other marginalised people. 

Please join us on February 3rd


[1] Department of Corrections Statistics.

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