Protect public homes

The Victorian Government wants to shirk its responsibility to those of us living in public homes.

They have recently announced a private developer will rebuild homes that were once public and a private organisation will run the homes instead of the Government.

This could leave people that live in public homes worse off than they are now.

Sign our petition send the Andrews Government a clear message to protect public homes in Victoria and the rights of the people that live in them.

We are calling for:

- A large scale build of publicly owned and managed homes in Victoria to remove the 82,000 people from the waiting list

- A guarantee that relocated residents have the same rights when they return

- A guarantee that new people who live on the redeveloped estates have the same rights

- All people who live in community housing to have the same rights as those who are in public homes

With rising inequality, public homes allow people to live in dignity, security, and comfort.

Today there are over 82,000 people on the waiting list, 25,000 of them being children. Every single week 125 new applications from individuals or families are received – we are in a crisis.

We need massive improvements and large-scale build of public homes like we had in the sixties, not privatisation.

This is why we are disappointed by the Victorian Government’s announcement to privatise public homes, particularly because they committed to opposing further privatisation of public assets in their election platform.

We think the decision to privatise public homes is a missed opportunity. Send the Andrews Government a clear message that they need to protect public homes in Victoria and the rights of the people that live in them.

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