Staff - Serina McDuff

Serina McDuff, CEO

Serina McDuff joined the Federation as CEO in July 2016. She has advanced human rights and social justice for the past 15 years with a focus on the rights of women and people seeking asylum.

In 2015, Serina established a ground-breaking messaging and reframing project for effectively campaigning for the rights of people seeking asylum, working with international communications expert Anat Shenker-Osorio on Refuge from our Rhetoric – Words that Work. She was previously CEO of the YWCA of Brisbane, where she worked to defend the independent advocacy undertaken by women’s organisations and advance young women’s leadership.   

Serina is a former human rights lawyer at Victoria Legal Aid, working across migration, anti-discrimination and mental health advocacy and within the Victorian Government implementing the Charter of Human Rights. In the UK, she led an organisation working with young people to advocate and tell their stories through digital and creative media.

Serina has served on the boards of Rights of Women Legal Centre UK, Diaspora Action Australia and is currently on the board of Digital Rights Watch.   

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