Past Event: Strategy and Leadership Retreat

Past Event: Strategy and Leadership Retreat

September 21, 2020 at 12pm - September 23, 2020.

From 21 to 23 September the Federation hosted a Leadership and Strategy Retreat to bring together people in the Smart Justice Committee and African-Australian Committee to develop key strategies and build relationships at this critical time. 

The Retreat included workshops and key insights from:

          -Raquel Willis from the Transgender Law Centre in the US; and

          -Melanie Poole Director of Strategy, Policy and Engagement at the Federation; 

The Smart Justice Advisory Council is a group of a dozen leaders who provide key strategic guidance on the Federation’s criminal justice advocacy, while the African-Australian Communities Forum represents leaders within African-Australian communities who provide guidance and direction on our justice and advocacy work. 

Each of these committees has a crucial role in steering the Federation’s campaign and advocacy work.

The Retreat was a great opportunity to build relationships across the sector including into the election campaign period and beyond and a fantastic opportunity for us to deep-dive into strategic campaign building with key civil society and African-Australian leaders.

Our objectives for the retreat were to:

  • build strong and meaningful relationships between the SJAC and AACF;
  • develop key strategy for the election and beyond; and
  • enhance leadership and strategy skills through practical workshops.

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