Take the Pledge: Say No to Racism in Politics

Take the pledge and commit to not supporting candidates from any political party who use racial scapegoating in the upcoming election.

Some politicians and media outlets are choosing to vilify people for the sake of political point-scoring. We must stand together against racial scapegoating and the resulting discrimination and abuse directed at African-Australian communities and other communities of colour.

Two young men of colour have been seriously assaulted in racially motivated attacks and hospitalised with long term injuries.

Racial minorities are also being targeted by the police. African men are being stopped for arbitrary searches at least 2.5 times more often than Caucasian men.

By signing, you pledge to challenge those who seek to divide our community rather than bringing us together.

Together, we can show politicians that if they use racial scapegoating they will not get our votes.

We will get in touch with you soon to let you know of future actions that you can take to contribute to the Federation campaign to stop the use of racial scapegoating by some politicians and people in the media.

Thank you for joining us to say #NoRacismInPolitics!

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