Victorian Government must realign its youth justice agenda in light of major review

August 14, 2017 |

The Victorian Government must realign its youth justice reform agenda to reflect its acceptance of a major review into the system.

SJ4YP Convenor, Tiffany Overall, said there were glaring discrepancies between the government’s Youth Justice Reform Bill and the advice provided by experts Professor James Ogloff AM and Penny Armytage in a report released early August.

‘Ogloff and Armytage have raised the alarm on our government’s disproportionate focus on kids at the pointy end of the justice system,’ said Ms Overall.

‘While the Government has accepted or accepted in principle each of their recommendations, a number of the proposed reforms in the Bill before Parliament would deliver more of the same and put kids at risk of further harm.’

In June, Smart Justice for Young People expressed serious concern about the Youth Justice Reform Bill, which pre-empted the findings of the landmark review.

‘Our leaders must follow the experts’ recommendations and urgently turn their attention to a reform agenda centred on rehabilitation and keeping kids safely away from the justice system.’

Specifically, SJ4YP noted that:

The Bill is expected to return to Parliament during this week’s sittings.

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