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A 10-Year Plan for Community Legal Centres in Victoria

10-Year Plan?

For 50 years, Victoria’s Community Legal Centres (CLCs) have provided high-quality legal assistance to Victorians most impacted by disadvantage and have been part of a strong movement for systemic change. CLCs have focused on promoting access to justice and ensuring that Victorians who are most vulnerable to injustice receive the support they need to live full, happy and healthy lives.

The environment in which CLCs operate has been in a constant state of change for many years. Need for free legal assistance in Victoria was already growing alongside the State’s population and widening inequality. It has now increased significantly in the wake of recent disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic and it will only continue to grow

CLCs have demonstrated the ability to adapt to changing circumstances while keeping the focus on improving access to justice and service delivery for people who are vulnerable and their communities. This ability to adapt and respond will be critical to ensuring the sustainability of CLCs in Victoria over the next decade.


To help us develop a 10-year Plan for the CLC sector, the Federation is embarking on a comprehensive consultation process. The consultations will focus on four priority areas that will help us explore the opportunities available to the CLC sector in order to secure our future.

READ THE Discussion Paper

The Federation has created a Discussion Paper to help guide the consultation process. The discussion paper provides an overview of social, economic and policy trends affecting CLCs in Victoria and discusses key priorities identified for inclusion in the 10-Year Plan.


First round of engagement with the CLC sector

Second round of engagement with the CLC sector

Engagement with key stakeholders and the public

Draft 10-Year Plan

Finalise 10-Year Plan


After a draft of the 10-Year Plan is tested with Victoria’s Community Legal Centres, the final plan will be launched at the end of 2022.


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