Election Platform

A fair, inclusive and thriving society for all Victorians – 2022 election platform

Victoria is a strong and vibrant state which has seen significant social reforms, but there remains much to be done. Community Legal Centres want the same thing the Victorian Government wants and the same thing the general community wants – to live in a fair and equitable society where all Victorians feel valued and can grow and thrive.

We strive for a Victoria where everyone has a home, lives in a clean environment, is safe from violence and has access to health care and the financial, social and wellbeing support they need to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives. We wish to build a society where all Victorians are free from discrimination and are not criminalised due to poverty and disadvantage.

Access to a fair and just legal system is at the heart of an equitable community. We know that unfair laws and unresolved legal issues can have a devastating impact on people’s daily lives, including significant financial strain and bankruptcy, physical ill-health, psychological distress, incarceration and homelessness.

We believe that with the support and commitment of our political leaders, working closely with the community, we can achieve our shared vision for Victoria. This requires our political leaders to commit to key reforms to embed a fairer system in Victoria. Importantly, it also requires sustainable and long-term resourcing for Community Legal Centres so that all Victorians, no matter their background or financial position, can get the legal help they need.

Our asks

Our election platform is underpinned by 11 goals to achieve a fair, inclusive and thriving society for all Victorians:

  1. Building a resilient and well-resourced community legal sector

  2. Ensuring all Victorians have access to affordable and secure housing

  3. Implementing a fairer fines system

  4. Strengthening consumer protections

  5. Reforming laws to stop the criminalisation of poverty and disadvantage

  6. Strengthening police accountability

  7. Investing in the community rather than prisons and making prisons human rights compliant

  8. Improving Victoria’s mental health and wellbeing by integrating legal help in the roll out of Victoria’s mental health services

  9. Ensuring Victorian communities are resilient to the impact of climate change and disasters

  10. Increasing safety for victim survivors of family violence

  11. Keeping children out of the child protection system and with their families


Read our full election platform here.

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