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We’re writing a report. Why? 

The stories of Victorians who experience the pointy end of divisive political rhetoric, fear mongering and racial scapegoating need to be heard. It’s crucial that we create a powerful discourse that echoes through our society, reframes the debate and encourages positive systemic reform on the issues that adversely affect some of our community members.  

Last year, our centres reported at least a 50% increase in racial attacks in the lead up to the state election. What is worse is that this did not stop after the ballots were counted and Victoria voted in a ‘progressive government’.

Over the coming months, we will be consulting with our community legal centres, community members, politicians and journalists. We’re creating a Victoria where everyone can participate, be heard, heal, belong and thrive.

Community is crucial to creating change.

So, join us.

If you have a story to share, we want to hear from you.

When the voting is done, and political careers are secured or lost, when the journalists put down their “pens” and head to their families or bed, and when the publishers are onto the next story, the resultant scars from this episode of moral panic will still be carved into our lives.

-Nyadol Nyuon  


Listen to a 3CR interview about this report here (starts at 14:00) with Federation Program Coordinator Jeanette Nkrumah. 

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