September 24, 2015

First decision of Cabinet on family violence a positive step but falls short for women seeking legal help to stay safe

This morning’s announcement of a package of initiatives to tackle family violence, reflecting the first Cabinet decision of the Turnbull Government, is a positive indication of a greater focus on family violence but will still leave thousands of women without family violence legal help, according to the Federation of Community Legal Centres.


September 15, 2015

New leadership needed to end family violence

The appointment of Malcolm Turnbull as prime minister will be an empty change unless the Federal Government matches its claimed commitment to end family violence with action to fund services and respect their right to advocate.


August 24, 2015

Community legal centres gather for national conference as new figures reveal severe impact of Federal Government cuts in Victoria

As community legal centres from around Australia converge on Melbourne for their national conference this week, the full impact of Federal Government cuts has been revealed by new figures showing the projected funding for Victorian centres through to 2019–20.


August 05, 2015

Shine a light on ‘patchwork’ family violence legal system, community legal peak tells royal commission

Victoria’s family violence legal system offers a ‘patchwork response’ that is sometimes dangerously threadbare through poorly funded legal help, inconsistent specialisation and insufficient risk management, the Royal Commission into Family Violence will hear this Wednesday (5 August) in evidence to be presented by the Federation of Community Legal Centres.


July 06, 2015

Legal services agreement signed amid serious ongoing concerns for community legal clients

A new National Partnership Agreement on Legal Assistance Services between state, territory and federal governments has been signed amid serious ongoing concerns over a failure to fully fund the justice gap, the impact of a significant national funding cut in 2017–18, and restrictions on advocacy campaigns by community legal centres on policy and law reform issues.


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