No Pride in Prisons

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Over the next five years, over ten thousand women and children will be jailed in Victoria. Many will be coming in from homelessness and almost all will be family violence survivors.

Even though crime is falling, the Andrews Labor Government is locking up more people than ever in Victoria's history.

The greedy corporations running Victoria's private prisons are making a fortune while devastating thousands of lives.

Stand with us to demand love, solidarity, and healing over profit-driven prisons.

Why is this important?

  • Premier Daniel Andrews wants to lead the “most progressive” government in Australia but we've found he is locking up more people than ever in profit-driven prisons, even though crime is at historic lows.
  • In the next five years over 6,800 women will be jailed in Victoria, with over half of them being mothers of dependent children.
  • At least 7,000 children will be impacted by their mothers going to prison in the next five years.
  • People are being locked up for “crimes” that are simply the result of poverty, discrimination and trauma. With Aboriginal people most affected by these harsh policies.
  • Aboriginal people are the most incarcerated people in the whole world.
  • Premier Andrews: 
    • Reverse laws that are criminalising people just for being poor.
    • Offer adequate support to people with addiction and trauma, not prison.
    • Stop police from unjustly targeting First Nations people and people of colour.
  • Let's act together and show the Premier that we won't wait.




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