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March 07, 2018

New youth justice report highlights how punitive responses don’t work

The Victorian Parliament’s Legal and Social Issues Committee final report  from its Inquiry into Youth Justice Centres in Victoria keeps a focus on some major systemic issues of our youth justice centres and system.


February 06, 2018

The conversation Victoria has to have: putting youth crime ‘to bed’

Police Commissioner Graham Ashton was right to say recently that we cannot look to police to put the issue of youth crime ‘to bed’. Equally we cannot look to police officers placed in high-risk secondary schools to combat youth crime. We are talking about bigger social issues than police can solve.


November 22, 2017

Victoria must heed lessons from NTRC, national reform needed to overhaul broken youth justice systems

Smart Justice for Young People (SJ4YP) welcomes the recommendations made by the Northern Territory Royal Commission (NTRC) into child protection and youth detention and urges every Australian government to take immediate action to reform its youth justice systems.


September 18, 2017

How education is unlocking potential for kids in youth justice

Right now, it’s crunch time for Victoria’s 20,000 Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) students.  With less than three months until graduation, VCAL students around the state are racing against the clock to finalise projects that demonstrate their literacy and numeracy capabilities, personal development and work related skills.


August 14, 2017

Victorian Government must realign its youth justice agenda in light of major review

The Victorian Government must realign its youth justice reform agenda to reflect its acceptance of a major review into the system.


August 07, 2017

Major youth justice review sends clear message to Victoria: kids must come first

The widest review of Victoria’s youth justice system has sent a clear message to the Victorian Government: the needs of children must come first.


May 24, 2017

Youth justice reforms miss the mark, risk further harm to the community

Smart Justice for Young People (SJ4YP) is deeply concerned and disappointed by the youth justice reforms introduced by the Victorian Government today.


May 09, 2017

Bail system report: balancing support for kids and protection for communities

Smart Justice for Young People (SJ4YP) acknowledges the report reviewing Victoria’s bail system, and its effort to find a balanced approach to protecting the community from violence and reducing the number of young people held in custody on remand.


April 06, 2017

Adult prison is no place for kids, youth advocates say

Adult prison is no place for kids. It’s pretty straightforward, say 21 community organisations and youth advocates in a video released today.


March 23, 2017

Commissioner’s report reveals unacceptable levels of isolation and lockdowns in Victorian youth justice centres

Smart Justice for Young People is alarmed by the findings of an investigation into the use of isolation, separation and lockdowns in Victoria’s youth justice centres. Principal Commissioner for Children and Young People, Liana Buchanan, tabled the Commission’s final report in Parliament today.

The Same Four Walls finds that extensive and ineffective use of restrictive practices is stifling the rehabilitation of young people in custody and creating dangerous conditions in Parkville, Malmsbury and the Grevillea Unit at Barwon Prison.


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