Integrated Practice Toolkit

The Integrated Practice Toolkit is a practical guide that supports lawyers and other community and health professionals to understand and navigate the risks related to legal professional privilege and mandatory reporting in the context of integrated service models. 


The Toolkit is a sector-led resource, developed by the Legal and Integrated Social Support Network, a working group of the Federation of Community Legal Centres. It is designed to benefit community lawyers, social workers and other community and health professionals to whom legal privilege and mandatory reporting considerations apply.  Within this framework, the Toolkit explores:

  • the professional and ethical obligations associated with legal privilege as an exception to mandatory reporting obligations
  • privilege obligations when responding to subpoenas
  • practical tips for meeting privilege obligations in an integrated service setting.
  • an overview of mandatory reporting legislation in Victoria
  • the different obligations for lawyers, community and health professionals in relation to mandatory reporting obligations concerning abuse and neglect, and suspected child sexual offences
  • mechanisms for managing different legal obligations and ethical and professional responsibilities within integrated practices. 


For more information or to provide comments or feedback on the Toolkit, please contact the Federation

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