Jobseekers Inquiry Seeks Your Input

June 24, 2019 |

The Parliament of Victoria is investigating sustainable employment for disadvantaged jobseekers.

A new public inquiry into sustainable employment for disadvantaged jobseekers is inviting community members to share their views, insights and experiences.

Under the inquiry’s terms of reference, the Victorian Legislative Assembly’s Economy and Infrastructure Committee is examining the social and economic benefits of seeking to place disadvantaged jobseekers into sustainable employment.

Unemployment can be significantly higher among groups such as youth, and varies from region to region. People who are long-term unemployed also comprise a significant proportion of the unemployment rate.

The Committee will be assessing outcomes that have been achieved from efforts to encourage disadvantaged jobseekers into the labour market.

It will also be examining the education and training needs of disadvantaged jobseekers as they transition into work.

For more information on the inquiry, including on how to make a submission, go to the Committee’s website.

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