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September 02, 2019 |

Does your work address unmet legal need and poor access to justice? Do your clients need help with their health and social as well as legal needs? Do you wonder who to partner with and how?

Then Health Justice 2019 is for you!

A fresh approach to conferencing, Health Justice 2019 is less about talking heads and more about opportunities to learn, share and collaborate. This will be a highly interactive conference with streams focusing on outcomes, practitioner wellbeing, and the intersecting health and social problems that drive legal need. Registration includes access to capability-building workshops in working through partnership; telling the stories about what we do and why it matters; and practitioner wellbeing.

Community Legal Centres will receive a 50% discount for registration. Register now

Sessions of particular interest to people in legal services and the justice system include:

  • Keynotes from Donnella Mills and Eddie Cubillo, reflecting on their experiences as leaders in Aboriginal community controlled health and legal services and advocating to improve justice outcomes
  • Robert Fitzgerald, recently appointed NSW Ageing and Disability Commissioner, speaking on the role of institutional power in legal and other settings and the critical role of promoting values of justice, health and public benefit, particularly for people and communities who are vulnerable to unmet legal need
  • Michael Coutts-Trotter, Secretary of NSW’s newly merged Stronger Communities cluster, bringing together the justice, families and community services portfolios
  • Showcase of legal service innovation to address complexity and unmet need
  • Building the skills and relationships to partner with other services
  • Measuring the value of legal help, including for non-legal audiences
  • Pioneering legal research direct from the US looking at how practitioners are navigating their professional obligations to work in medical-legal partnership
  • Putting communities at the heart and head of responses to rising crime, high levels of social disadvantage and increasing concerns about community safety.

Voices across the conference will include people directly affected by these issues and the practitioners and services supporting them.

Registration includes access to highly targeted workshops building capability in:

  • Organisational wellbeing and resilience strategies to look after our people and support practitioner wellbeing
  • Partnering efforts that make a difference
  • Telling the stories about what you do and why it matters
  • How service organisations can share power with their clients.

Visit the conference website to see the full program and register here: healthjustice2019.org/register.

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