Our Submission to the Access to Justice Review

March 01, 2016 |

The Federation welcomes the Victorian Government’s Access to Justice Review, and the opportunity to identify improvements that can be made at a state level to address the access to justice crisis.

The Federation, along with many member CLCs, made substantial contributions to the Productivity Com-mission’s 2013-14 Inquiry into Access to Justice Arrangements. We support many of the findings and recommendations of that inquiry and have been disappointed that the Australian Government has not yet responded to the Productivity Commission’s September 2014 final report.

While we await a response from the Australian Government, we note that tackling uneven access to justice and building a fairer, more effective legal system will also take action and investment at a state level. We look forward to working with the Victorian Access to Justice Review Team (the Review Team) and the Victo-rian Government on changes necessary to help the most disadvantaged and vulnerable in this state.

Our submission articulates some key points the Federation thinks are important for the Review Team to consider. These are intended to summarise and complement the points made in the submissions of our member centres, as well as to represent the agreed positions of the Federation as a whole.

Download our submission here.

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