What legal matters can Community Legal Centres help with?

What legal matters can Community Legal Centres help with?


The law is part of our everyday lives – such as when we buy something, use a service, have a job, or rent a house. The law can help to protect and support families when there is violence in the home, or when there are decisions to be made about parenting arrangements for children. Sometimes we might find ourselves in contact with police and the legal system, either charged with committing a crime, or as a victim of crime. Laws affect our human rights, the rights of animals and the protection of the environment. And sometimes we need to understand the law to navigate specific government systems, like Centrelink or getting a residency visa.

For more than 50 years, Community Legal Centres have been providing community-based services to help Victorians with all these matters and more.

Because we are a network of 47 organisations across the state, we can make sure that you are linked with the Community Legal Centre best placed to help you with your legal issues.

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